Wednesday, September 26

Meeting Minutes

If you did not receive the email with the minutes from last weeks meeting attached, please email for a copy. Looking through the minutes is a great way to find out about up coming events, like our informal Art Walk get together and our next meeting at Sandra Brett's house.

Below are opportunities that each need a volunteer:

-Event Calendar (A Google calendar linked to the blog where WCA activities and local art events are posted and kept up-to-date. -This requires a very small commitment once a week, and if you already read the City Paper and Preview, this would be easy!)

-Application Coordinator (Someone willing to gather the necessary materials needed to apply as a group for exhibition opportunities.)

-Publicity and Community Outreach (This involves notifying the local and
regional arts publications, newspapers, list-serves, website based calendars, etc when the WCA Charleston Chapter holds meetings, or is involved in any community event. This volunteer could also coordinate with other members to maintain the brochures, posters and cards that are placed in the community.)

-Membership Coordinator (Receives the letters and checks from National, forwarding the checks to the Treasurer, and maintaining a membership roll with contact information and membership expiration. Also responsible for mailing letters during the membership drive.) *Christine Eadie volunteered for this!

-Minutes (Taking minutes based on the agenda as determined by the President, or whoever is leading that months meeting, typing them shortly after each meeting and turning them in to the President for the purpose of emailing out to members. -Very easy, my outlines which I will provide to the volunteer are detailed and you will only need to jot down a few notes, and then type them.)

-Quarterly Email Newsletter (Involves recruiting and/or researching the emails of the art administers, gallery professionals, organizers, educators, students etc. in the community that could benefit from a notification of the WCA’s activities.)