Sunday, November 15

WCA - Regional News

After a brief hiatus, WCA Charleston is up-and-running.. We kicked off the fall with an environmentally-themed show, “Gaea, Goddess of the Earth.” The show ran from September 21 through October 31 at The Real Estate Studio in Charleston . Janice Rossman, a local gallery director, considered the framework of “earth personified” to curate the exhibition. Participating artists included Sandra Brett, Betsey Carter, Leigh Ann Davis, Stephanie Drawdy, Linda Elksnin, Laura Liberatore Szweda, and Lillian Trettin. Our October 20 meeting was a brainstorming session that helped us identify organization goals, including member services and outreach activities. Meetings for the remainder of the year are scheduled. continues to be a great source of information for members of the arts community. Finally, WCA Charleston joined Charleston Arts Coalition (CAC!). The goals of CAC! are to unite and sustain the greater Charleston Arts Community by acting as a forum for collaborating on projects, exchanging ideas, and hosting special events.